Procrastination 2

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Has been about 24 hours since my last confession of procrastination. Since that time I have managed to turn the horrible 500 error that I had into a self-hosted WordPress blog. Which is nice. However, there is no escaping that the whole thing was an exercise in not doing something. I could have just as easily been writing something directly into one the of the multiple blogging or blog-a-like platform accounts that I have. I’m thinking Medium, Facebook,, I could go on. But for some reason it was more important to me to get a tool up and running.

Of course then the tool had to be tweaked so that it matched my existing website, I’m still working on getting the redirect set up properly so that the URL looks nice (the URL for the love of all that is holy). All of this is gravy. It’s just trimmings that occupy me until I get around to writing. I suppose I’m writing now. Writing about not writing. Hmm.

I have been thinking more about what topics I will write about. My go-to topic was alway music (and reviews) and earlier in the year I toyed with the idea of podcasting film reviews with @onlyforkoolkids. That was a groovy idea that almost made it off the launch pad until I got distracted by something else. Theme forming.

One of the photography projects that I am working on at the moment is representations of poetry by the mighty Ron Graves. I did this for the REIDGRAVES album earlier in the year. This one will be spoken word and I need 8 or so shots of which I have 3. The deadline is September and of course I am focussing on a different photo project instead. This one is also Ron Graves poetry but it doesn’t have a deadline attached. So quelle surprise that is the one that gets priority.

Location: T'Wed, Overveen
one of the shots I took for the REIDGRAVES album

I think that I am lacking focus. 🙂

I see another very secret project on the horizon that sucks the life out of me every time I think about it. On one hand it will be one of the most exciting things that I have done in a long time and on the other it is going to hard. I don’t like hard much.

I think that these posts about procrastination are a form of catharsis that will help me get over the hump of not doing things and on the road to doing things. Well doing things has never been the problem. I mean of course doing things that are in some way useful towards some kind of ultimate goal. Ah! Ultimate goal… I think I lack that. New Secret Project will give me that all right.

In my search to overcome procrastination today I came across a “story”, more of a list on Lifehacker ( that lists four things that will help defeat procrastination:

  1. What One Thing Can I Do to Get Started?
  2. What Are My Three Biggest Priorities Today?
  3. How Can I Make This Easier?
  4. What Will Go Wrong if I Don’t Do This Now?

To be honest it didn’t help much. As soon as I got past #1 I was thinking of thing things. I’m not sure if I even made it to #4. But I thought that #1 was a really solid opener. I figured that the one thing that I could do to get started was to start. So I have and in the process of rambling for a while I have written a ~600 word post on thinking about getting started. 500 words was my goal.

Here’s hoping that once the ball is rolling it gathers no moss.

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