Blogging and not Blogging

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It has been a long time since I chose to write a blog. There are many reasons for this but primarily I am fundamentally a lazy human. I was seduced by micro-blogging, by the idea of spouting out 140 characters or just re-tweeting something that someone else had written. I got really lazy and now my writing muscles have all but atrophied.

Then I stumbled upon this article by Jeff Goins. It is a really good read that inspired me to get off my figurative ass and do something every once in a while.

So far, so righteous.

This put me in my usual situation which I’m sure stems from a deep seated desire to procrastinate my days away. I immediately started an online search for the perfect blogging tool. For some reason I look for the tool first before I think about the content. I do this as a photographer, I do this as a project manager, I did it as a student and on reflection I probably also do it as a father.

The thing is that I already thought that knew the answer. I was certain that I was going to to with WordPress because I had loads of experience with working with that tool. Still, I looked up the various options, I didn’t find many surprises. There were a couple of new ones like Ghost that looked nice but not really that dissimilar to WP. I shuddered at the thought of installing Drupal for the sake of a blog. But here I go again, wibbling on about the tools when in fact the most important part is the content.

What should the content be about? I need to clearly have a part of the universe that I can talk about. Wil Wheaton is able to talk about anything he pleases pretty much but then he has been able to carve out a niche for himself as being the lord of the geeks or something. That I am not. I thought that I could write about the various photography projects that I am working on. I thought that I could right about writing. I even thought that I could write about not writing. While I was installing WordPress to my host I thought about writing about how technology prevents us from writing (I refer you to my previous statement about procrastination) as I constantly hit problems. As of this time I have 500 error. I’m pretty sure I know why. I’ll get around to fixing it someday.

the devil farts in my face yet again

So my procrastination fuelled post ended up being fundamentally about procrastination. It should come as no surprise. I am a cautionary tale for those out there who are thinking about doing something but can’t quite seem to find the right circumstances. I blame my children* and my job because they take up too much of my time, preventing me from doing the things that I would like to try to be good at. If only there were more hours in the day for doing such stuff. I’m deleting the Ghost install because I probably won’t use it. The broken WordPress install will sit there for a while on the pile of things that I need to get around to, like the gardening or tidying the shed.

So, I still need to figure out what to write about and where to put it but at least it is clear to me what is stopping me.

*I adore my children and I in fact do not blame them for anything, just in case the sarcasm in that paragraph is clear. I in fact blame myself for not just getting on with it. My job… yeah that is pretty much to blame for a lot of things.